The list of suicides shocked Wang Miao

A mysterious message was received in the monitoring room of the Red Bank Base: "Don’t answer! Don’t answer! Don’t answer!". But Ye Wenjie, the staff who translated the information, secretly aimed the transmitter at the sun. Thirty-eight years later. The Liangxiang accelerator base stretching for several kilometers is magnificent. The completion of the accelerator base is a major technological progress for mankind to advance into microphysics. The first experiment after the completion of the accelerator is to verify the superstring model of theoretical physicist Yang Dong. As the leader of the nano-component part of the high-energy accelerator project, Wang Miao also came to the accelerator base. A young woman was concentrating on checking at the accelerator. She seemed to have worked out something and smiled simply. Wang Miao, who was taking photos, accidentally recorded this moment with a camera. This woman was Yang Dong.

Season Number: 1
Episode Number: 1
Episode Title: The list of suicides shocked Wang Miao
Air Date: 2023-01-15

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